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Can Big Data bring new opportunities in genetics or other disciplines?

We can give you a quick idea of what big data can do for you, including first analysis results


Many organisations have an interest in Big data. Either they have unutilized resources of data that according to first insights might create nice new opportunities for analysis or might directly create value. We can give a quick and practical overview. And depending on availability and quality of data we can provide you first analysis that reveals the potential of your data sources. Our approach is practical. We can help you to utilize your data better and provide you new insights how to increase your performance, whether you are in agricultural business or elsewhere.


In case you have interest in a first meeting to discuss your options without further obligations, please contact us.



What can genetic consultancy do for you?

Sometimes only a small advice can make a big difference


With limited genetic lines and high investments in technology genetic suppliers try to deliver you the best genetics? Very often however the best solution in their view is not always your best solution. Sometimes the best option does not come from only one genetic supplier, but comes from a combination of several suppliers. To find out what is best for you in depth analysis of potential options can help. With a clear analysis it can be shown what solutions are most beneficial for your situation. Together with you E-barn Solutions can determine your challenges and specific goals for the future. And most important we can help you to manage opportunuties and design the best solution for you!


Our approach


Problem analysis: We spend time to understand your problems and challenges. All knowledge and measurements are used to define it in detail. We are providing you independent solutions. The best solutions for you is not restricted to your current supplier or to just one supplier.


Pork concepts : A well-thought combination of genetics, feed and management gives shape to pork concepts. These concepts get more and more important to make a difference . Both in performance , quality and/or profit. To keep developing these pork concepts, there is a continuous need to measure and test novel developments that come in the market. Even existing products are continuous under development. So a continuous traject of advanced testing will assure you that you stay ahead of the market and make the best choices for your products.



Advanced testing : With advanced testing protocols utilizing the most modern technologies, we can measure and test potential solution in your own farms. We belief that all solutions must be tested before applied. We can provide practical userfriendly testing that make comparing and decision making easier than ever before.





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E-barn Solutions






The future is ready for standardized products. Most clear example is the Japanese meat quality concept and its branded products in supermarkets. Standardized genetics is the base for it.

Managing opportunities & challenges

Let your genetics work for you.

Genetics & more


Genetics has a continuous influence on all your products. Good genetics makes it easier to manage your animals and reach your targets. Steering starts with knowledge and measuring.