Genetic consultancy

Result-oriented genetic consultancy


With E-barn Solutions existing and new tools are combined to get the most out of a genetic or animal production program. Real-time monitoring with user-friendly alert systems will create an improved production environment. Breeders, farmers and integrators have their improvement targets, but in many cases miss independent advice how to improve both their production and economical results. Also their in-house genetics can be optimized further. 


Further many programs do not deliver to their maximum capacity or struggle with other aspects like inbreeding. Both in production (cattle, swine) and in sport or companion animal breeding programs (horses, dogs, etc.) it is hard to set clear targets and deliver accordingly. With E-barn Solutions a set of tools becomes available that makes breeding easy and transparent  for active members of breeding organizations. Based on multiple years of experience of practical breeding we can make clear decisions in how to run a breeding program and how to implement new technologies for your company like breeding value estimation, genomics and gene tests in a practical cost-effective way. We will also create a clear benchmark that shows you how your realized targets compare to other companies or organizations.


We bring together professional, innovative and implementation oriented knowledge concerning genetics / managements  and biostatistics with a commercial focus. Working with the Animal Consultants Network (ACN) there is access to a broader group of consultants focused on a wide variety of disciplines. We can build on more than 20 years’ experience in animal science,  animal breeding and data analysis. We are implementation oriented and have a broad knowledge of  international breeding and production in various species. Together with your team we able to establish a clear vision, put technology into practice and create information out of data. Our aim is to translate your commercial needs or future objectives into sustainable products that match your goals (profitability/conformation/performance) and assist you to implement it.


Many organizations have large databases that are often very little utilized. Our passion is to transfer these data into useful information and put it to work for you. To setup practical inhouse tests that will make effective steering for more profit possible.


A strong belief in balanced breeding and getting more out of well-structured breeding programs are our main drives. Better data quality, clear analysis, better test setup and challenging existing breeding and production programs form the base of a real improvement strategy. Standardized tools can get you a better insight in production and genetic data. Our passion is to transform complicated technical issues to transparent easy-to-manage tools to help meet current targets and to push for challenging new targets. Most of these things are quite universal and work species independent.